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The Sharp EL 556 science calculator has an extra-large 4-line display screen with the ability to show upto16 digits at a time. A lot can be said about the Casio fx-991MS because aside from the standard calculations, the model can also perform fraction calculations and integration calculations. It features two-line display, has CALC memory and 9 variable memories. The calculator scientific by Casio can perform 40 scientific calculations, 40 metric conversions and is ideal for engineering symbol calculations.

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Hp 12cp Financial Calculator :

If you want the best scientific calculator to complete your math assignment or lab work, then the Casio FX300MS is the best model for you. Besides, you can also key in and program formulas that you can save and use in future. Thanks to its solar power ability, you can never worry about replacing batteries every time.

Besides, it has more than five different modes including Stat, Drill, Matrix, and Normal. It can handle at least three simultaneous equations adding to its versatility.

This Casio scientific calculator also has two display lines that can display up to ten characters. It has a 9MB memory and comes with a center dial and slide-on hard case. It is the best model to have for science and math students at all levels. Besides, the calculator can also be used in an office setup especially those that need algebraic computations most of the time.


Sharp’s latest model beats competition because of its low price and unique features. Among them include the Write View technology that will display formulas just as they are printed in textbooks.