Enzo Pérez was more like 1xbet one of the great wishes of Marcelo Gallardo

Enzo Pérez was more like 1xbet one of the great wishes of Marcelo Gallardo

A split ball ended the sole of Fran Beltrán’s foot on Puertas’ leg and after another VAR review, the color of the card changed to red. With nine, Balaídos only had one feat that did not come. Granada was in charge of materializing the favorable panorama with a goal from Germán in injury time in the first half.

In case the celestial ones came out with renewed morale after the break, Yangel Herrera invented an unstoppable missile that hit the crossbar before spectacularly entering Rubén’s goal. The Nasrids fulfilled their duties. 

Celta with everything lost played their best minutes after the goal. Granada tied the result well by increasing defensive activity and avoiding a goal that shortened distances. With these three points, those of Diego Martínez are placed in the sixth place of the table. In Europe on a provisional basis. 

Granada has decided this Thursday to fire its manager, David Navarro, and the press officer of its first team, Javier Fernández-Rufete, the latter position that will now be held by the Galician Andrés García-Armero.

Dec 22, 2016 at 4:45 pm CET


Both Navarro and Fernandez-Rufete came to the club from the hand of the previous president, Quique Pina, seven seasons ago when the club was active in Second B and they stayed in it last summer after the arrival of the new maximum shareholder, Chinese Jiang Lizhang .

However, the top rojiblancos managers have now decided to do without both unexpectedly "following the new line of the project", as explained by the entity on its website.

Navarro currently held the position of sports manager, while Fernández-Rufete was the press officer of the first team, after the Canarian Michel Martín came to the communication area last summer.

Granada has announced this afternoon that it will be replaced by the Galician Andrés García-Armero, who was international press officer for the 2014 Cycling World Championship and author and director of the project ’20 / 20 Unidos por un Sueño ‘of the Candidacy from Madrid to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Enzo Perez is already a River Plate player. The Millionaire team agreed to buy about 50 percent of his pass to Valencia, and the negotiation was unlocked. All that remains is for the midfielder to sign his bond with Nuñez’s club.


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Vero Brunati @verobrunati

River thus revolutionizes the transfer market by spending 5 million euros for the midfielder.

Enzo Pérez was one of Marcelo Gallardo’s great wishes. The player himself pressured Valencia to let him out of this market, knowing that he would not be taken into account by coach Marcelino.

And this morning River and Valencia reached an agreement and the Mendoza player will be a luxury reinforcement for the Copa Libertadores.

The 31-year-old midfielder comes from a family of River fans, and pushed to fulfill his father’s dream of seeing him wear the shirt with the red band on his chest. Although he had two more years of contract with Valencia, River offered him a three-year contract. On Friday he joins the training sessions with the team.


After the scandal of the doping cases was known, and the suspensions of two of their players, Los Millonarios moved strongly in the market to reinforce the team for the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores against Guaraní that they will play July 4.

Enzo Pérez gathers the Valencia squad around a barbecue

Enzo Pérez: "We’ve hit rock bottom in every way"

In addition to Perez, they also hired Javier Pinola (Rosario Central), and goalkeeper Germán Lux, who arrived free after his separation from Deportivo and forward Nacho Scocco.  

Antonio Conte, Chelsea manager, revealed this Friday that Belgian footballer Charly Musonda has left Real Betis, where he was on loan, and has returned to the London team because "he hasn’t played too much".


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In the absence of official confirmation by either of the two clubs, Conte has made it clear that Musonda, in addition to the Brazilian Kenedy, who was on loan at Watford, have returned to the discipline of Chelsea this December .

"Kenedy and Charly Musonda returned from their assignments at Watford and Real Betis because they didn’t play much. For that reason, it is important for them to be with us these weeks to assess what is the best situation for them and for the team."said the Italian coach at a press conference on Friday.

Musonda will continue this season at Betis on loan from Chelsea

Betis fear Musonda’s return to Chelsea

"It is important to work with young players like them, aged 20 or 21, and try to find the best solution at home"Conte added.

It was nice while it lasted. The endearing love story between Iceland and the European Championship wrote its last chapter yesterday. It was not the one desired by millions of fans but it was the most logical. France did not want to leave room for doubt and quickly proved to have learned the lesson of the debacle suffered by England.


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Euro 2016 – Quarter-finals





Lloris; Sagna, Umtiti, Koscielny (Mangala, min. 72), Evra; Pogba, Matuidi; Sissoko, Griezmann, Payet (Coman, min. 80); and Giroud (Gignac, min. 59).


Halldórsson; Saevarsson, Ragnar Sigurdsson, Árnason (Ingason, min. 46), Skúlason; Gudmundsson, Gunnarsson, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Birkir Bjarnason; Sigthórsson (Gudjohnsen, min. 83) and Bödvarsson (Finnbogason, min.46).


Björn Kuipers (Netherlands). He showed yellow cardboard to Bjarnason (min. 58) from Iceland and to Umtiti (min. 75) from France.


1-0, min. 12: Giroud; 2-0, min. 20: Pogba; 3-0, min. 43: Payet; 4-0, min. 45: Griezmann; 4-1, min. 56: Sigthórsson; 5-1, min. 58: Giroud; 5-2, min. 84: Bjarnason.


Match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the European Championship in France played before about 80,000 spectators at the Stade de France in Paris.

The environment of the French team had slipped their concern over the last few days due to the worrying start of the game that had made the ‘bleus’ go in tow. One piece of information was devastating. To date, Deschamps’ pupils had not been able to score a single goal in the first half … and they all arrived against Iceland. 

Iceland, which had shown its most brazen version by having a few timid occasions in the boots of Sigurdsson and Bjarnason, would be unable to stop a thrown Giroud. The Arsenal striker, who began his Eurocup adventure shrouded in doubt, soon opened the can by taking advantage of a deep serve from Matuidi to beat Halldórsson below the legs. The goal attenuated the mystique in the Icelandic stands and Pogba would finish off it. The Juventus colossus made it 2-0 after rising imperially in a corner kick launched by Griezmann.

Iceland was already very much in tow but was not willing to lower its arms. Captain Gunnarsson spurred on his team and showed off his powerful throw-in. One of them would force Umtiti to unbalance Bödvarsson just enough to avoid his shot at point-blank range.

France rolled in possession but the goals had come in isolated actions. Everything would change shortly after. The mobility of the pair formed by Giroud and Griezmann and the step forward of a vindictive Pogba would end up making a dent in the solid organization of the Icelandic team.

After Lloris was forced to save in two halves and on the goal line a poisoned center by Sigurdsson, the sentence of the night would come in two frenzied minutes. First, in 43. Giroud came back on stage to lower an aerial ball and put it at Griezmann’s feet. The ‘colchonero’, in solidarity whenever the occasion requires it, gave the ball up front for Payet. The West Ham star, after placing it on the left, crossed the ball out of Halldórsson’s reach. And with hardly any time to recover, the fourth would arrive. The sangria was already excessive. Umtiti gave the ball to Pogba and the “bianconero” star filtered a deep pass that, aided by Giroud’s exquisite feint, left Griezmann completely alone. The electric attacker would define with a house-brand shot, stinging the ball over the Icelandic goal with a subtle touch. The break was late for a Nordic team that had already kissed the canvas.

There was still a whole second half ahead that could become eternal and the technical duo formed by Hallgrímsson and Lagerbäck advocated moving the bench giving entry to Finnbogason and Ingason. His faith would have a reward. 

After a first warning from Gudmundsson, Sigthórsson, the Icelandic ‘9’, would close the gap by overtaking Umtiti at the near post to take advantage of a good serve from Sigurdsson and beat Lloris. But the joy would barely last three minutes. The time it would take Giroud to crown his great night by taking advantage of a lack of understanding between Halldórsson and Ingason. Deschamps would take the opportunity to rest the striker “gunner”, as well as Koscielny and Payet in the following minutes.

Despite their attempt to kill the match, Iceland would continue to pull with pride and would make up the score again with a header from Bjarnason five minutes after a final whistle that would bring delirium to the stands of Saint-Denis. France is already in the ‘semis’ – it will play against Germany – and Iceland is already eternal. 

Colombian striker Adrián Ramos will play for Granada until the end of the season. He will do so on loan from Chongqing Lifan of China, who paid twelve million euros for his transfer to Borussia Dortmund.