Forensic technicians are currently carrying out extensive forensic measures

Forensic technicians are currently carrying out extensive forensic measures

The Swiss meta-analysis includes 23 studies – but only 275 people, i.e. an average of twelve people per study. The smaller the number of participants, the greater the risk that the results would look different in other samples. In fact, the results changed in part when the researchers excluded individual studies from the analysis. In other words: the results are anything but robust.

Incidentally, scientists are still puzzling over which mechanisms are supposed to impair sleep in the evening. Higher body temperature? Aching? Heartbeat? Hunger at night? Previous studies are not clear on this either.

The sexual assault on New Year’s Eve in Cologne continues to be a topic of conversation. Men of the Muslim faith often find themselves under general suspicion. Now the Muslim writer Feridun Zaimoglu has spoken out and calls for a relentless but prudent approach to the incidents. 

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According to the 51-year-old, the attacks in Cologne must also be dealt with relentlessly and openly within the Islamic community. At the same time, however, he points out: "Contempt for women is practically a commandment in Judaism, Christianity and in real Islam."

That is above all to the address "the hypocrite" directed, "who talk about the West and haven’t even opened the Bible."says the writer of Turkish origin from Kiel.

"That would be a bit cowardly"

"At the same time, however, it is just as wrong to say in a relativistic tone: Because it is so, we Muslims do not have to deal with it."

Zaimoglu, who describes himself as a Muslim with a child’s faith, demands: "We Muslims have to clean up our own mess. Because we have a mess. The lived village Islam is under all pig." As a writer, he could not escape responsibility: "That would be a bit cowardly."

"A very decent handling of the subject"

In his view, the attacks in Cologne were by no means exceptional. It is not a question of a crisis in Islam "but we have a Muslim man crisis. We have a crisis of Muslim men with inferiority complexes. If a man is unable to see the strong mature woman as a social reality and feels impaired in his glory, then I suggest professional help to him."

Overall, however, Zaimoglu rates the debate on New Year’s Eve in Cologne as very positive: "Contrary to some strange assumptions, free speech is predominant in Germany – and that is wonderful." The sexual assaults have to be scourged, as one usually speaks of East German Nazis or West German hooligans.

"I don’t understand why one suddenly has to hold back at this point or why the appeasers want to point out that one should be careful now"says Zaimoglu. He therefore pays tribute to the journalists involved: "A very decent handling of the subject." The only thing that is wrong is that men are talking about women again.

"Complete idiots dream of a pure Occident"

Nonetheless, Zaimoglu fears a growing divide in society. There is a lack of solidarity with one another. The mood was upset because of certain strange decisions from above. "And downstairs some idiots are setting fire to refugee homes or dreaming of a pure Occident. The poor pigs attack each other. It has always been this way, it will always go on like this."

The Christian churches and the Islamic associations have been in dialogue for some time and get along peacefully with one another. "It’s not about religions, it’s about people with a religious or national background wanting to clump social And that would have to be discussed"said Zaimoglu.

He himself has never been a victim of stereotypes or prejudices. "Germany is my wonderful country." Yes, he has a very heavy last name, he says with a laugh. But when he calls a taxi center, says his name and starts to spell it at the same time "Zeppelin, Anton, Martha …", joy prevails quickly.

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To person:

Feridun Zaimoglu was born in 1964 in Bolu, Anatolia, and spent the first two decades of his life in Munich, Berlin and Bonn. In 1985 he came to Kiel to study art and medicine. Zaimoglu works as a journalist, he writes plays ("The Ten Commandments"), Novels ("7th tower quarter", "Leyla") and scripts. He is also a visual artist. His many awards include the Berlin Literature Prize, Mainz City Writer, Kiel Culture Prize, Grimmelshausen Prize and the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize.

A small child died in a tragic accident in Nossen. A 67-year-old ran over the one-year-old boy while reversing out of a parking space, the police reported on Monday.

A young boy was run over by a car in Nossen in the Meißen district. The driver apparently wanted to back out of the property on Sunday, while the child was apparently behind it. The Dresden police announced on Monday. The child was seriously injured in the accident and died. 

According to the police, it is unclear why the one-year-old child was behind the car. This and the exact course of the accident are still being investigated, said a police spokesman. The 67-year-old driver and the child are not related.

Sources used: dpa

After the final agreement on Asylum Package II, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Horst Seehofer declared the coalition dispute over the refugee issue to be over and emphasized his CSU’s loyalty to the coalition. Nonetheless, Asylum Package II could soon be followed by Package III. Because Seehofer is by no means satisfied with immigration at the border.

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The CSU chief described the fact that the Asylum Package II had to be discussed for three months as "difficult to explain", but that’s over now. "We want this coalition to succeed"he also emphasized. The CSU is now very satisfied.

Possibly not satisfied enough, because Seehofer said at the same time that the coalition decisions were far from being sufficient. "We’re not there", he said with a view to limiting immigration to Germany: "This has yet to be achieved."

Bavaria consider it necessary "to achieve temporary restrictions on national borders". That this continues for "much discussion" worry, Seehofer admitted. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) rejects national ceilings for the influx of refugees as well as a closure of the borders.

The threat of legal action remains

Seehofer therefore does not want to forego his threat of legal action against Merkel. "The letter remains correct", he said on Tuesday’s letter to the Chancellor in which Bavaria reserves the right to file a constitutional complaint, if none "Measures are taken to limit the influx of refugees".

Such legal steps against the federal government are, however "the ultimate and last resort". Otherwise, the CSU is loyal to every agreement. The Bavarian sister party of the CDU had attacked Chancellor Merkel’s refugee policy almost every day in the past few weeks and called for corrections.

Refugees complain against the BAMF: This is the only way to get an agreement on the asylum package: tranquilizer for the insecure republic

The grand coalition settled the month-long dispute over asylum package II on Thursday evening. The agreement includes the suspension of family reunification for refugees with so-called subsidiary protection for two years.

The hand grenade attack on a refugee accommodation in Villingen-Schwenningen in Baden-Württemberg causes horror – and at the same time raises puzzles. According to the investigations so far, the police consider it possible that the attack actually targeted the security staff at the facility.

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On Friday night, strangers had thrown a hand grenade over a fence onto the tarred courtyard of the so-called needs-based initial reception center in the Schwarzwald-Baar district. The grenade then ricocheted off a security fence and remained lying next to a container belonging to the security service, said Rolf Straub of the newly formed, 75-headed Soko "Container". According to Klemens Ficht from the Freiburg Regional Council, three security guards were in the container at the time of the crime.

Security guards in sight?

The safety cotter pin of the hand grenade was pulled according to police information. However, the grenade did not explode and no people were harmed. But it is questionable whether the container would have protected the employees in the event of a detonation, said Dietmar Schönherr from the Rottweil criminal investigation department. For example, fragments of the grenade could have hit through the window. "This could have led to serious injuries or even death."

The investigators are currently investigating the exact background of the crime. "It could have been against both refugees and security guards"said a police spokesman. "We don’t yet know the motive."

Grenade blown up by defusers

After a security guard noticed the grenade on the ground around 1.30 a.m. and alerted the authorities, the police cordoned off a large area. The grenade was detonated in a controlled manner by defusers. 

According to the police, around 20 residents of the initial reception center had to leave their homes for a short time. They were housed in vacant apartments and returned to their bedrooms around 5 a.m. 

Unclear whether the grenade was armed

Whether the grenade was actually armed is still being investigated. Andreas Stenger, an expert at the State Criminal Police Office, explains: One can only speak of a live grenade if both explosives and detonators are present. From police circles it had initially been said that the hand grenade was armed.

"It is certain that it was filled with explosives", said Johannes-Georg Roth, head of the Konstanz public prosecutor, at a press conference in Villingen-Schwenningen. "It is not yet known whether a detonator was installed. That is the decisive point of departure."

"This is terrorism"

Numerous politicians reacted in shock to the incident. Guido Wolf, CDU top candidate in the upcoming state elections in Baden-Württemberg, spoke of one "Attack against humanity". Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) became even clearer. He wrote on Twitter: "This is terrorism."

"It is really incredible that asylum seekers are already being attacked with hand grenades – with military weapons, so to speak"said the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann (Greens). "We just have to do everything to ensure that we outlaw extremism that crosses the red line and turns to violence, that we radically outlaw it in society."

Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas also spoke up and declared: "We can all only be grateful that no one was hurt this time." The perpetrators should not get away with it. "They must be consistently identified and punished"demanded the SPD politician.

Herrmann demands "zero tolerance" against xenophobic criminals

Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann also warned of an escalation of right-wing crime. "Throwing a hand grenade is a new terrifying dimension of xenophobic violence"said the CSU politician "Augsburger Allgemeine".

Herrmann stressed that the security authorities must deal with xenophobic criminals "zero tolerance" demonstrate. "We must not allow people who seek asylum with us to fear violence or become victims of violence."

"New category of hatred"

"Overall, the increase in attacks against refugees, helpers and police officers is dramatic"said Maas. The "new quality of agitation and violence" all democrats must be an incentive to stand up even more decisively for an open and tolerant society. "Explosives are already flying into refugee homes, we mustn’t wait until the first deaths appear"warned the Justice Minister.

The Greens federal chairman Simone Peter spoke of one "new, terrifying category of hatred that must be a shrill alarm." Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) must make the fight against right-wing terror a top priority.

Notes to the Rottweil police force

After the attack, the Rottweil criminal investigation department set up the special commission "Container" a. Forensic technicians are currently carrying out extensive forensic measures. However, there are still no indications of the background to the crime, it said. 

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The police asked for information on strange or suspicious vehicles and people who were seen in the vicinity of the attack site.