It would be an honor to play, the 52-year-old told the US celebrity portal TMZ

It would be an honor to play, the 52-year-old told the US celebrity portal TMZ

He fell asleep peacefully in the hospital. The funeral should take place on Thursday. 

The entertainer’s death is also reported on his official Instagram profile. "We mourn Walter Freiwald"it says there. "On November 16, 2019, he lost the battle against cancer. His life’s work as a presenter and entertainer, as well as a loving husband and father of a family, will remain unforgettable." Walter Freiwald leaves behind his wife Annette, with whom he was married for 33 years, and two sons. 

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Walter Freiwald is to many through his time on the RTL broadcast "the price is hot" known. At the side of presenter Harry Wijnvoord, he gave the voice from the off on the show in the 1990s. He also became known as a teleshopping icon. He has also been in front of the camera for various sales programs since the 1990s. In January 2015 he was a candidate for "I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" and made it to sixth place. 

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New representatives were elected in 85 Russian regions over the weekend – an important test of sentiment for Putin. His party was able to defend its majority, but also suffered losses. 

The approval ratings of the Kremlin party United Russia had already reached a low point in the Russian capital before the election. After weeks of mass protests by the opposition, no politician officially stood for this party in Moscow. Members presented themselves as independent candidates.

According to media reports, the Kremlin-loyal candidates now have to give up 20 of the 45 seats in the Moscow city council: The communists, who previously had five city councilors, can count on 13 to 14 seats, according to the agencies Interfax and RIA Novosti. The liberal Yabloko party and the left-wing Righteous Russia party, which have not previously been represented on the Moscow city council, can each count on three seats.

So far, 38 of the 45 seats in Moscow’s city council had been occupied by candidates loyal to the Kremlin, 28 of them from United Russia alone. According to Interfax, only nine Kremlin party councilors were re-elected on Sunday. The Moscow party leader Andrei Metelski has lost his seat.

Low turnout in Moscow

The regional elections took place after the expulsion of dozens of members of the opposition. Observers spoke on Sunday of numerous violations in the vote in the 85 regions of the country. The regional and municipal elections were seen as an important test of sentiment for Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin and the ruling party, United Russia. 

A total of 56 million voters were called to vote – almost half of Russia’s eligible voters. Turnout was low in some regions. In Moscow, only 17 percent of voters were voting by early evening. The votes are also considered an important test of mood before the parliamentary elections in 2021.

The Ministry of the Interior emphasized that election day was quiet. More than 300 violations have been reported to them. However, this will not have any impact on the election result, the ministry announced.

Press officer arrested for no reason

The observers of the human rights organization Golos also reported hundreds of attempts at manipulation and hindrances to their work. The Golos spokesman was arrested without giving any reason, the organization said. In addition, according to the citizen portal OWD-Info, at least 16 people were arrested, including journalists, a local politician and Maria Aljochina, a prominent member of the punk band Pussy Riot.

Oppositionists like the anti-corruption fighter Alexei Navalny called for a protest election against the Kremlin party. He recommended one "smart" Voting. This was intended to specifically elect candidates other than those of the Kremlin party. Citizens should vote for everything except the ruling party, theirs "Crooks and thieves" Moscow politician Lyubov Sobol said at the polling station on Sunday. Sobol, who is part of Navalny’s team, was, like dozens of other politicians, not allowed to run because of alleged formal errors.

The opposition member Ilya Yashin, released after 50 days from prison, also shouted "smart" Vote on. He posted a picture on Twitter with the candidate of his choice. The popular local politician had also not received a registration. Yashin had recently served five sentences of ten days each. He called the detention a hostage-taking in order to pull him out of circulation in the election campaign. The judiciary had accused him of calling for mass protests.

Massive police violence during protests 

There were also allegations against the US Internet giants Google and Facebook. They are said to have interfered with agitation in Russia’s internal affairs on election day, said the media regulator Roskomnadzor. A commission in parliament will examine whether foreign forces are trying to influence the election. The video platform Youtube is also being examined.

The protests in recent weeks have resulted in massive police violence against peaceful demonstrators. Thousands of people were temporarily arrested during the free election demonstrations. Well-known activist Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and other members of Pussy Riot were temporarily held in police custody on Saturday. They wanted a banner in town that said "Putin, go by yourself!" hanging.

The Kremlin chief cast his vote in Moscow. When asked whether he would like more diversity, Putin said when casting the vote that it is not the number of candidates but the quality of their work that is important. As the Interfax agency reported, the president voted for someone he does not know himself. "But I hope he’s a good and decent person"said Putin.

Crimean vote is not recognized internationally 

Surveys recently predicted massive losses for the Kremlin party. There is great dissatisfaction with the economic situation in the country, for example because of the lack of jobs and low wages. Media critical of the Kremlin had reported, citing circles close to the authorities, that the polls for the official candidates of the power apparatus had been so bad that no competition should be allowed. 

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 Elections were also made on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. The vote is not recognized internationally because the area belongs to Ukraine under international law. The EU and the US have imposed sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea. There the Kremlin Party, United Russia, could count on a triumphant victory. The region receives more money from the state budget than any other area in Russia. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry protested the election on Sunday. The vote in the territory temporarily occupied by Russia was invalid, the Ministry said in Kiev.

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The actress Frances Cuka has died. The British woman was in front of the camera and on the theater stages for 50 years. Now she died at the age of 83. 

These personalities passed away in 2019

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Frances Cuka was in front of the camera from the 1960s. However, she only had her first major role ten years later. In the musical adaptation "Scrooge" from 1970 she played the role of Ethel Cratchit. The film adaptation of the book "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens was even nominated for four Oscars, but ultimately did not receive any of the coveted awards. 

Frances Cuka probably had cancer 

As "The Guardian" now reported online, Frances Cuka died on Sunday. Nothing was disclosed about the cause of death. However, the Mimin had a stroke several years ago, and she probably suffered from cancer. 

The condolences after the death of Frances Cuka can also be seen on Twitter. Fans wrote about the deceased, remembering films and shows in which they liked to see the actress. The stripes were also particularly popular "Cry of the lost" (Original: "The Watcher in the Woods") or "Fear of the dark" ("Afraid of the Dark"). Also the historical film "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" from 1972 was a success. 

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Frances Cuka was most recently in the film "Oliver Twist" to see. So her last major role followed on from her first major role: again a novel adaptation, again Charles Dickens. In "Oliver Twist" Cuka played the role of Mrs. Bedwin. Beyond that, nothing is known about Cuka’s private life. 

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The historic Hall 600 of the Nuremberg Trials is one of the most famous courtrooms in the world. The final judgment is now given here.

No courtroom in the world has been filmed or photographed as often as Hall 600 in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. The final judgment will be given on Thursday. This was announced by the Higher Regional Court in Nuremberg-Fürth. The new construction of the criminal justice center has now been completed, and all criminal trials are to take place there from March.

Meeting place 

Hall 600 of the Nuremberg Trials will therefore be used exclusively as a place of encounter and remembrance from March 1st. It is said that it will lose its function as a courtroom. For several years there have been exhibitions on its history in the hall.

The Nuremberg Trials served the legal processing of the atrocities of National Socialism. From November 20, 1945 to October 1, 1946, leading National Socialists had to answer before an international court here. Twelve follow-up processes followed.

Nazis were sentenced to death here

The defendants in the first trial included Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Heß and other leading figures of National Socialism such as Alfred Jodl, Wilhelm Keitel, Albert Sperr and Julius Streicher. Of the 22 defendants, twelve were sentenced to death, three to life imprisonment and four to long prison terms. Three defendants were acquitted – including the former Chancellor of the Weimar Republic, Franz von Papen.

Courtroom of the Justizpalast in Nuremberg: The defendants at the opening of the Nuremberg main trial on November 20, 1945 (Source: archive photo / DB / dpa)

The processes were also artistically processed. The Hollywood film was successful "The judgment of Nuremberg", in which Spencer Tracy and Marlene Dietrich played, Maximilian Schell received an Oscar for best leading actor in 1962. The film worked on one of the follow-up processes.

After the Nuremberg trials, the Nuremberg judiciary used the courtroom for regular criminal trials. Because of the size of the hall, numerous murder trials took place here, which were widely attended to. One advantage of the room was that defendants from the neighboring prison could be brought directly into the courtroom via an elevator.

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The Nuremberg Trials are believed to have had a significant influence on the development of international law up to the present day. They are considered a model for the establishment of today’s International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Sources used: news agencies AFP, dpa

Berlin (AP) – US President Donald Trump (73) has talked about the Oscar-winning film "Parasite" made fun of South Korea.

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"How bad were the Academy Awards this year?"Trump asked his supporters on Thursday evening (local time) at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs. "And the winner is a film from South Korea. What the hell was going on?", he said.

The US would have enough problems with the country because of trade – and now an award at the Oscars? "Was that good? I dont know." Trump didn’t leave actor Brad Pitt good too and called him a smart guy several times.

The satire "Parasite" by the South Korean director Bong Joon Ho had won four Oscars this year: best film, best international film, best director and best original screenplay. Brad Pitt received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the nostalgic Tarantino work "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".

Berlin (AP) – US actor Mark Ruffalo ("Hulk") would find out about a role in the series adaptation of Korean satire "Parasite" looking forward. "It’s a great movie. It would be an honor to play along"the 52-year-old told the US celebrity portal "TMZ".

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Director Bong Joon Ho revealed at the Academy Awards that he was currently working on a series. "We are still at a very early stage"The 50-year-old told Extra TV on the red carpet.