Lake Malawi. Here below is a listing of all the biotopes available at Aqua-Fish

Lake Malawi. Here below is a listing of all the biotopes available at Aqua-Fish

Lake Malawi was formed 1-2 million years back. This geologically young, rocky pond associated with the East African Rift is all about 375 kilometers (604 kilometer) very very long and 53 kilometers (85 kilometer) wide, which makes it the ninth biggest pond on the planet.

The pond is bordered by Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. This pond is dominated by cichlids, the majority of that are endemic to the pond. Over 280 species that are cichlid been described, although quotes all the way to 500 cichlid types were made. The biggest team of Cichlids found in this pond may be the Haplochromines with more than 120 types and 48 genera. A large group, including the genera, Cynotilapia, Labeotropheus, Labidochromis, Melanochromis, and Pseudotropheus; and the larger piscivores of the genera Cyrtocara, Nimbochromis, and Sciaenochromis among the Haplochromines, are the Peacock Cichlids of the genus Aulonocara; the Mbuna.


Offer an abundance of rockwork and caves with difficult alkaline water by having a pH of at the very least 7.8. The underside substrate must be of the product to help in the pH buffering abilities associated with the water. Good substrate alternatives could be Dolomite or crushed coral to assist in buffering water. Tankmates must be through the same area and also fend their attentions off.


Vallisneria may be the just commercially available types, but Anubias and Java Fern will also be suitable in the event that aquariast is ready to flex the biotope guidelines.

Lake Malawi cichlids (Mbuna, Peacock cichlids, other people), Synodontis.

Here below is a summary of all the biotopes offered at Aqua-Fish.Net

If you want to ask a relevant question regarding creating a Lake Malawi biotope tank, be sure to use a questionnaire underneath the list to take action.

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